Selecting a PIM / MDM solution is like buying a car..

…Or How to simply explain, to executives and managers, the Why and How for a PIM

You must think that it is strange to make this kind of comparison. As lot of us went through a car purchase process, I found this simple comparison when it comes to help and explain to executive and managers, why, how and what questions to ask when investing in a product data management solution that fit their needs.

Investing in a PIM solution is like investing in a car, you go through the same process and questionning : why do I need a car, how I am going to use it, etc…

Here’s an infography comparing the questions and to help you choose a PIM solution and how do they correspond when choosing a car.

We see the analogy between investments for a car or a product data management solution.

Asking the right questions since the project inception, as if you were buying a car for yourself, will help you to find the right solution fitting your needs and making the right investment.

Especially, product data management solution buyers are facing very large choice of vendors, thus making the selection process very complex.

(welcome to the vendor jungle! We have listed more than 100 solutions claiming they are PIM)

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