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 Why arounData Consulting

When starting an MDM/PIM project, companies face 2 major challenges

  • a big market offering of solutions pretending to cover all PIM/DAM/MDM functional areas
  • a gap in covering current business needs, lack of forthecoming ones and of different information consumers

This lead to projects that do not meet the deadlines, and sometimes basic customer’s needs, and an overwhlemed project whith new demands.

Therefore, arounData consulting mission is

  1. to help our customers optimize their IT investments for product data management solution
  2. to support our customers in a succeeding in their PIM/MDM project implementation
  3. to transform data in a consumable, trustable and qualified information

We support enterprises, mainly SMB’s, active in the B2B or B2C sector , from the definition of their product information strategy till the post Go-live phase in order to ensure the success and adoption of the implemented solution and process.


 Who we are

arounData consulting  deals in all subjects related to product data management and transforming this data in a reliable information, making it coherent across the different publication channels.

arounData consulting team has logged over 30 years of

  • Experience in the management of product data and multi-channel publishing
  • Mastership of GS1 standards, issues related to the data quality and governance
  • Expertise in the world of distribution (B2C or B2C), Consumer product goods industry and ecommerce
  • Project Management, PIM/MDM solution deployments and suppliers boarding

Partnership with Osallia

After a fruitful collaboration within projects, Osallia & arounData teams decided to reinforce  their partnership.
The 2 companie share same vision and approach to successful Product MDM project  .

This partnership will enable us to respond to all type of projects.

Customers will benefit of 50 cumulative years of experience in product data management.

Our values

Data & information products are strategic asset for our customers; valuing them with a good governance is a non-endless journey and not limited to a project or software implementation .

This is reflected by:

COMMITMENT: We are committed to our customers in the implementation of data governance and data quality that are perennial and involves all company’s employees

PROXIMITY: We develop proximity with our clients to build a relationship of trust to build and develop sustainable solutions

AGILITY: We promote agility in our work so as to be able to find innovative solutions for different situations that we encounter at our customers.